Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck
Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck

Gratitude Blooming Reflection Card Deck

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The Gratitude Blooming deck includes 39 artist-illustrated plants and a guidebook of mindful prompts with themes like Joy & Presence, Simplicity, Courage and Curiosity.

This is our way to offer tangible mental health and wellness practices. We aim to inspire, heal, and invite healthy ways to process emotions through art, nature and gratitude.

Gratitude Blooming gives voice to that deep connection we have to nature. Use these cards for prompts in journaling, renewing relationships and fostering deep connection with self and others. 

Explore all of the Gratitude Blooming themes and listen to the corresponding podcast episode.

Gift Gratitude! Buy one for yourself and an extra as a gift.
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The Gratitude Blooming Card Deck (3rd Edition) includes:

  • 39 unique gratitude themes with original artwork from San Francisco Artist, Arlene Kim Suda
  • A booklet with reflection prompts intentionally paired with each card theme
  • Beautifully printed, sturdy paper box with moon cuts to preserve the deck
  • Letter from the team with tips to start your practice
  • Sample themes: Joy and Presence, Healing, Discovery, Infinite Possibility

EXPLORE ALL 39 themes

The story of the artwork

The drawings and handwritten themes in this collection are born of subtle moments of connection Arlene had with the plants in her garden. We invite you to make meaning from your own interpretations of the artwork and enjoy the sweet imperfections and mysteries of life. 

“These gratitude blooming drawings are based on 'warrior' flowers that have shown up for me over the last couple of years. They have always felt like a reminder from nature to notice both the delicate beauty and the power of life -- the same beauty and power that can be found in each of us when we make the effort to really look and to trust ourselves.”


Listen to the story of how the drawings originally emerged into the world – starting with the first one: Anemone, and the theme of FORGIVENESS and the last one, Rose and the theme of GRACE


Start your own gratitude ritual

Set aside 5 minutes for a daily or weekly practice.

Choose a card: let your intuition guide you and pick a card at random from the deck (you can also look through the cards and choose a theme that feels relevant to you at this time).

Take a moment to enjoy the artwork and the wisdom conveyed through the plant.  

When you’re ready, read the prompt in the booklet and think about or write down any messages you receive.

Setting an intention 

Draw a card at the beginning of a new day, week, or season. Place it somewhere you frequently look, such as on your nightstand or coffee table, so you will be reminded of its message.

We discovered that the Gratitude Blooming Cards work very well for intention setting at the beginning of any meditative, reflective, or creative practice like yoga and journaling. 

With family, friends, and colleagues

Ask people to pick a card. and share the insights that come up. It’s a nice way to break the ice and create a warm and welcoming social space.

As a facilitation tool

When our clients use our gratitude connection exercises as an ice-breaker or meeting opener, they witness people slow down and engage in real, authentic dialogue that would not have happened otherwise. If you are a coach or a facilitator you can integrate the Gratitude Blooming Deck in your session in many creative ways. Learn more about our digital facilitator license here.

As a meaningful gift

Perfectly paired with a thank you note and flowers, the Gratitude Blooming Deck makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift in any context.

THE POWER OF GRATITUDE (backed up by research):

  • Promotes psychological health by decreasing the feelings of not having or not being enough
  • Promotes physical health by improving relaxation, sleep quality and lowering inflammation
  • Encourages you to adopt healthier habits and a more positive attitude towards your life
  • Inspires you to be more generous, kind, and helpful, thus improving your relationships along the way


In difficult times

Your beautiful cards made a horrific, chaotic time (COVID-19) more manageable for some of our nurses. In fact, I was hearing, "wait...I want to pick" when I introduced them. The two priests in the waiting room were also extremely elated and thanked me especially during this time. I saw one of the priests in the hallway later in the day and he stopped me. He asked for the cards. As I was pulling them out of my lab coat pocket he said, "it's your turn." "I bet no one even asked you to pick a card!" I teared up with his thoughtfulness.

Bernadette M., Healthcare Leader

Meaningful impact

Looking back at how much the Gratitude Blooming deck has been present in my life this past year, I was blown away by all the sacred ways I have used this deck with my community and in community spaces - from joyous occasions to challenging ones and all that’s in between.

Soultree, Artist and Gratitude Blooming Pollinator

Amazing energy shift

Shared Gratitude Blooming cards with leaders from 40 mental health programs. Amazing energy shift in the room as people reflected on the unique cards they randomly selected. We talked about the challenge and release that comes from seeking gratitude around themes like “beautiful sadness” “impermanence” and “tenacity”… An unanticipated feeling of connectedness emerged and it felt like anything was possible. The capacity and potential of those assembled was palpable — I was in awe...

Shannon Mong, Psy.D.

Authentic connection

The Gratitude Blooming deck is the PERFECT gift for friends, family, and yourself. It’s a simple way to ground your day with intention, build team culture and have an authentic connection during dinner gatherings.

Jeana K, Nonprofit Leader

Engaging reminders

I’ve never been good at morning gratitude journaling, so these cards are an awesome way to reinforce my intentions. I like that the words on the cards aren’t cheesy or fluffy – they evoke a lot of awareness and exploration into my deeper thought patterns. They also make great presents!


Re-center ourselves at the end of a long day

The gratitude cards have become a special way for all of us to periodically reflect and help re-center ourselves at the end of a long day (most of out students work all day and then come to this evening clinic). Last week in particular we had a more emotionally demanding clinic session, and at the end, one of the other faculty and I looked at each other and said "let's get the cards." We could feel the tension leave the room as we each shared our card and reflections.

Jeremy, Family Doctor

A much needed sense of connection

I have heard the phrase, 'Gratitude Practice' in a few different capacities and none seemed to really resonate with me authentically or sincerely. But upon my first introduction to Gratitude Blooming, I instantly felt a connection to my card pulls that brought me a much needed sense of connection. Amazed and intrigued by this brief introduction, I timidly began joining Gratitude Circles with uncertain awkwardness yet was met with pure hearted acceptance and raw human wholeness. I bought my own deck of cards and went from a 'Gratitude Tourist' to a community pollinator within a few months!

Nick B, educator and Gratitude Blooming Pollinator